• xMO™


    Gain the benefits from our experience.

    xMO™ can Architect or Manage your Centres of Excellence (CoE) , Governance & Management offices for Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Enterprise Wide Platforms

    Our offerings range from Enterprise Wide Centres of Excellence, P4MO™ , P3MO™ , P2MO™ & PMO.

    We offer clients our capability of architecting and managing your CoE for enterprise wide solutions specifically CoEs for ERP and CRM engagements irrespective of the vendor(s) providing the products ie SAP, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft…

    Our new Governance, Vendor and Contract (GMO,VMO and CMO) offers the service of managing ALL of your third party engagements, contracts and service levels via a single team  and portal which can  span the entire organisation, business unit or geographical territory.

    We not only provide the blueprint but can deliver to our blueprint via  our xMO™ “out of a box” service.

    All of our specialists are industry and product qualified.

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