• RASA™


    Successful initiatives have a major common theme :

    Strategic & Operational technology and organisation risks are managed proactively, consistently tracked and mitigated.

    Risk, Assurance, Security & Audit  (RASA™) advises & assists clients on how best to reduce the impact of potential events & threats so ensuring that business and enterprise-wide technology initiatives are successfully delivered by reducing.

    • Threat Management from competitors,
    • Financial Fraud Detection & Prevention
    • Having defined and tested Disaster Recovery & Contingency plans for core business, specific marketing launches, campaigns and IT activities,
    • Strategic Risk,
    • Cyber crime Risk
    • Logical to Physical design translation
    • Operational Risk,
    • Transition & Transformation Risk,
    • Vendor / Partner Risks,
    • Technology Risks,
    • Technology security lapses – Cyber, Logical and Physical
    • Commercial & contractual gaps via our ongoing assurance and audit framework.
    • Decommissioning Risks
    • Residual Risk
    • Physical premises Risk
    • VIP & Key staff Risk –  including protection services

    We are unique in that we

    Identify, Analyse, Manage, Resolve and Pro-actively track risks from the business into the technology domain and back into the business to provide a true End-to-End RASA™ service.

    All of our specialists are industry qualified.

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