• Portfolio Buddy™


    “…services were engaged in a management consulting capacity, providing  coaching experience to one of our key client accounts. Stakeholder management was critical to the successful management of the client, as multiple CxO level executives needed to be corralled in support of what was a very diverse, complex global programme of inter-related activities. GSI™’s trustworthiness, integrity and delivery skill supported the client to generate the benefits anticipated.” – Portfolio Management Consultancy

    CxOs and  Senior Directors all lead, manage, design complex and revenue generating portfolios and are increasingly being challenged to be more productive , delivering and keeping up to date with industry best practices, concepts, initiatives, methodologies, trends and tools to grow and maintain their business.

    Due to this increasing pressure it is becoming challenging for key staff to maintain an up-to-date view of their chosen career or role.

    Portfolio Buddy™ offers CxOs and Senior Directors  two services – Coaching & Mentoring and a Hotline Service


    • A confidential service for new and experienced staff to avoid knowledge gaps yet require guidance or coaching
    • Avoids last minute panics when the pressure is on and the deadline approaching
    • It’s “in the role” mentoring and coaching – “We are the bouncing board for your ideas and thoughts”
    • Confidential service.
    • Our specialists are experts in their field.
    • REAL TIME knowledge transfer and coaching from Day 1
    • Reduce time taken off for class room training
    • Builds on and enhances your key staffs’ skills and strengths without the classical class room training or being away from the office
    • To challenge and induce best practice, new methods and concepts into REAL situations so that they can be seen to be productive.
    • We support you in dealing with REAL issues and problems in a REAL environment and not ones that are fabricated for the classroom
    • Helps new staff to overcome the daunting task of leading or being a part of critical and complex portfolios. 
    • Assists experienced staff by introducing to new concepts, methods and practices without having to leave the workplace or enter a class room.
    • Reduces the stress new and experienced staff feel when the deadlines are approaching as they will always have a mentor to turn to who maintains your key staffs’ knowledge to a current and appropriate level inline with the role and chosen career

    The specialists cover the areas of

    • Brand Management
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Business Strategy & Planning,
    • Account Management & Strategies
    • Commercial Models,
    • Organisation and Technology Integration Consultancy
    • Business Strategy to Technology Investment Roadmaps,
    • Organisation Transformation
    • Outsourcing, Insourcing & Offshoring,
    • Service Transition & Transformation
    • Global Vendor & Partner Benchmarking.
    • Leveraging enterprise wide technology- Cloud, Mobile, CRM, ERP

    Coaching & Mentoring Service

    A standalone service or an extension of the Hotline Service which can be based on site or remotely, where CxOs and those responsible for portfolios are assisted, guided, mentored and coached in REAL-TIME via a one-2-one,in confidence or collectively via workshops or open surgeries.

    The service is offered during office hours or in the evenings/weekends to assist your key staff without removing them from the activities of the day as one would whilst training.

    Hotline Service

    • Dedicated experienced specialist(s) to advice your staff on specific areas to mentor and advice your staff AS THEY deliver a portfolio, no time is lost due to attending classrooms or seminars.

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