• Building Buddy™

    We offer Commercial and Residential clients

    Architect, Structural & Build Project Management services,
    Impartial advise,
    Conflict & Problem resolution service

    Our specialists advice customers considering taking on new and renovation works

    Specifically designed  & suitable for vulnerable customers e.g. elderly, disabled, new to handling tradesmen, single parents but open to all customers..

    We offer both male and female Building Buddy ™’s to cater for all needs

    For Customers

    • Designed & suitable for vulnerable customers but open to all customers.
    • Offering architect, structural and project management services so customers gain a neutral and independent service.
    • Designed to avoid builders learning on the job at customers expense & time
    • Allows customers to talk with an independent expert before and during the build
    • Assists customers in securing the right price and builder
    • Act as an independent sounding board for those considering building renovation works removing the “builders perspective”.
    • Resolve disputes with your builder by acting impartially at a lower cost than courts.

    For  Builders & DIYers

    • Supply of manpower &  materials at a lower cost point.
    • Professional advice on building or renovation project before you start it or even if its underway
    • Independent Professional Dispute resolution with customers?
    • DIYers have pre and on the job support.

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