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    GSi™ provides business driven consultancy enabling clients to achieve greater returns on their investment in People, Information and Technology.

    Our services are unique and designed to be leveraged within both the business and technology domains of an organisation.

    Black Box™

    Offers clients the service to leverage our BlackBox™ specialists for initiatives that are deemed to be of high profile, high risk, high complexity, involve major organisation change or leveraging new technologies. BlackBox™ take on the responsibility of delivering such initiatives… more


    Creates and Delivers the Brand, Marketing, Advertising and Communication Strategy and Plans for your organisation…. more

    High Performance™

    Organisations provide optimal results when individuals & business units understand each another. This services offers our clients to create such high performance teams in the business and/or IT domain. With over 15 years experience in building High Performance™ teams we ensure that individuals work more closely and better appreciate each others thought process so to get to the solutions faster. This is much more than team building and paintballing!!… more


    With new emerging technologies of the Cloud, Master Data Management, Big Data, 3-D Printing and Mobile Commerce. Innovatus provides a fast injection of knowledge & experience to clients so that they are able to understand the value and risks in deploying these enterprise wide technologies… more


    Business and Technology initiatives do from time to time run into problems – expectations not being met, under performance of teams, over run on costs. Ontrack™ offers a re-alignment, rescue and recovery of such initiatives… more

    Portfolio Buddy™

    A mentoring and advisory services via Onsite, Online or phone for CxO and Portfolio/Programme Directors. Portfolio Buddy™ acts as an on-demand confidant, advisor and more importantly sounding boarding to challenge and hence provide rigour to your strategies…more


    Risk Management, Assurance, Security and Audit are key to keeping intellectual property in the right hands, to prevent intrusion and knowledge leakage,to ensure delivery of initiatives are not being compromised by inheriting new risks. RASA™ provides the 360 degree / end to end service of ensuring that Risk, Assurance, Security and Audit encompass and interlock from the Business into Enterprise Wide Technology and back to the Business… more

    Right Source

    Allows clients to benchmark, validate vendor services, commercial engagement and the design of the right vendor ecosystem to support and facilitate the clients’ business model(s)… more


    Vendor, Contract, Governance, Portfolio, Programme, Project and Platform, Management Offices lead to one major goal – The assurance that the consistency of operating & change management is known, so that the business can be assured that the data, information and acquired knowledge is based on a set of known and agreed rules from which Clients can make qualitative and quantitative decisions.

    The xMO™ provides all or part of the management offices which can either compliment current client management offices or via an outsourced model to gain the value of economy of scale and best in class.

    Outsourcing can be in-country or offshore… more

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